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My name is Tia Fejzo, owner of Tia Fejzo Cleaning and Organizing Services, LLC. I have high standards of cleaning and organizing is my specialty. My goal is to make my clients to feel like guest in their own home. I like to help to declutter, keep what they need, not what they want, and emphasize the simplicity. This idea was based off the fact, that not all, but in some cases, some clients did not want their home cleaned, however their primary concern required only de-cluttering & organizational services. To be honest, having a functional livable space was the ideal solution to most of the problems in their homes.

Virtual service is Ideal for specific clients because remotely from the comfort of your home, they get the de-cluttering and organizing assistance they need. The best thing about this, I can help anyone from anywhere in the world. This type of service is suited for persons who wants to transform their lifestyle into a clutter free home and organized home. Although, cleaning up the home or space is an essential part of this process, we understand that some clients might just want their home de-cluttered first and have professional cleaning crew afterward.

Who is Qualified To Book This Service:

Virtual Organizing

Why Virtual Organizing?

Work virtually with an experienced professional organizer

  • Coachable , with more clients, one-on-one session with the client only for additional fee.

  • Have a Computer, Laptop or Mobile device (build in camera require for all devices).

  • High speed internet.

  • Have self-discipline, ready and willing to put in the work by yourself.

  • You are in good physical shape and have no medical issues that may impede this process.

  • Computer knowledgeable & familiar with downloading Apps

  • Can use Zoom.

  • Work well remotely.

  • Have budgetary constraints and want to save money.

  • Not interested in getting their home cleaned, just decluttered and organized

  • Self-paced progress, want to take service in stages and not be pigeonholed to company’s business hours.

  • You enjoy communicating virtually.

  • Learn the necessary skill set to de-clutter on their own after a few sessions with us and or in between sessions do it yourself.

General Information & How To Book This Service:

  • Only a minimum 2 hours per session.

  • Fill out our client information form

  • Review general pricing information

  • Be prepared to install zoom

  • See instant results